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Simple and Easy Process



We believe in being open, so we have made our API documentation available for anyone and everyone to explore. In the APIs page you will find what APIs are available, the interactions they provide, and even sample code to get you started.

Connect With Us

Once you have familiarised yourself with our APIs and thought how your use cases could be solved through them, get in touch! We can discuss options for testing out your app with one of our sandboxes.

Start building

From here, the sky is the limit. You have access to everything you need to make healthcare smarter, and build solutions that change the world.


Why build with Orion Health?

We use open standards, so there is no vendor lock-in.

We handle privacy, so you do not have to.

We use our own APIs, so we are invested in making them awesome.

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Ideas to get you started

Empowering Patients

Empowering Patients

Providing people with the tools to help understand the medication they have been prescribed, especially in elderly patients or patients with chronic...

Early Detection

Early Detection

With the highly connected world that we live in, there is no excuses for healthcare practices and process to be stuck in the dark ages....

optimizing healthcare

Optimizing Healthcare

Ask any doctor or nurse about the problems they face in their day to day work and they will tell you how much time they waste on routine tasks...

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