Use Cases

Empowering Patients

Providing people with the tools to help them understand the medication they’ve been prescribed, especially in elderly patients or patients with chronic conditions, is said to have a much greater impact on both the health of a population and the cost of treatment. In many cases, the condition of those patients makes it difficult for them to use complicated technologies so providing this information to them in other means, such as conversational interfaces, can make all the difference in helping them lead better and more independent lives.

Our APIs retrieve up-to-date medication dispense information from an individual's medical record, and then use this information to help them take the right medications at the right time.


API Use Case
FHIR Patient Retrieve individual's information such as their name, age, and primary care provider
FHIR Medication Request Retrieve an individual's list of prescribed medications along with the dosage instructions
FHIR Medication Dispense Retrieve an individual's list of dispensed medications

Early Detection

With the highly connected world that we live in, there are no excuses for healthcare practices and processes to be stuck in the dark ages. The smart devices that surround us can enrich our healthcare records with up to date information on our environment and our physical wellbeing, allowing our care providers to be more proactive at identifying and addressing health concerns before they become a problem.

A combination of devices that measure a person's respiration, pulse, heartrate, activity levels, and skin temperature can monitor changes over time and update the person's health record if the measurements start deviating from a pre-determined baseline. The devices can carry out their measurements periodically and communicate those with a companion app. The app could then use its built in algorithms to determine whether the measurements should be shared with the person's care provider and if so, it can update the person's health record with those measurements.


API Use Case
FHIR Patient Retrieve individual's information such as their name, age, and primary care privoder
FHIR Observation This API can be used to push measurements into an individual's health record, and to retrieve them

Optimizing Healthcare

Ask any Doctor or Nurse about the problems they face in their day to day work and they will tell you how much time they waste on routine tasks that don't provide value to their patients. By building tools that automate and optimize manual practices, providers of care can focus on delivering better health outcomes and reduce the ever increasing cost of healthcare.