Getting Started

Using the Developer Portal

This guide will have you calling your first API faster than the time it takes to whip up a cup of tea. So grab a clean cup, slip in a tea bag of your choice, top with hot water and let's get started.

  1. Create an account by clicking the button in the top menu.

    Create account button.

  2. Fill in your details to sign up for a new account, or use your existing GitHub or Google account.

    Create account screen.

  3. Once logged in, go to My Apps.

    My apps button.

  4. To speed things up, an App has been created for you. Click on the App’s name to reveal its details.

    Take note of the Demo User username and password as you will need them to get a temporary API key, known as an access token.

    Click the app to expand it.

  5. Click the Get an Access Token link.

    Click the Get an Access Token link.

  6. A user login page appears in a new tab, enter the Demo User’s username and password and then log in.

    Enter the demo user's username and password.

  7. You are redirected to a page with your temporary Access Token. Keep this tab open as you will need this Access Token in step 10.

    The access token will be available in the new tab.

  8. Switch back to the My Apps tab and navigate to the APIs page to call your first API.

    Return to the original tab and click APIs.

  9. Each API page contains a brief description of the endpoint’s capabilities as well as the list of supported Methods.

    Click on a Method to reveal information about its request parameters and see what a Sample Request looks like.

    Click a method to expand it.

  10. To run one of the Sample Requests simply copy and paste the CURL command into a terminal window, replace <Access Token> with your access token (obtained in step 7) then hit Enter/Return on your keyboard.

    A successful response should return a 200 OK status code as well as the JSON payload of the API response.

    If you receive an Access Token Expired response, repeat steps 3-8.