Our Products

Orion Health products are deployed and used all over the world by public and private healthcare
organizations who share our vision of providing the perfect care for every individual.

In numbers, our products:

Look after over

150 million

patient records

Are used in over

15 countries

around the world

How our products work

Empower developers

Our Open APIs empower app developers and Independent Software Vendors to leverage rich health data stores, knowing regulatory compliance (for example, HIPAA), cyber security, advanced authentication of users, and cloud storage are taken care of.

Develop unique applications

Developers can leverage our APIs to develop specialty applications that meet unique needs in the healthcare industry and get exposure to the entire Orion Health partner ecosystem.

Orion Health Open APIs

Our solution creates an aggregated patient-centric record from a number of disparate sources, and then provides open access to that information for authenticated users.

APIs are the preferred mechanism to share clinical information that is aggregated and stored into our solutions, from healthcare providers (provider-sourced data) and from payer organizations (payer-sourced data).

API access enables third party developers to create applications that can harness and contribute to the data held within Amadeus. This provides authenticated access to valuable patient data that can assist in treatment, research, and population health management.