Orion Health Open APIs Reference

In a modern health ecosystem success can be achieved only upon an interoperability foundation. One of the best tooling for the job are standard APIs. By providing a common language and structure to share clinical information, barriers around data liquidity can be lowered considerably. Disparate data sources and type of information can be organised and managed so that a rich and unified view of the patient record can be successfully produced.

FHIR R4 is the normative version of the latest HL7 standards that Orion Health has adopted to share a meaningful and understood longitudinal patient record to external parties.

FHIR R4 has been indicated internationally as the preferred standard for APIs in the healthcare world. At Orion Health we pride ourselves to have been evolving our API capabilities alongside this standard since 2016.

The experience in the field by working with customers around the world helped us to uncover challenges and gaps during the implementation of FHIR APIs on real data. Addressing them promptly in the journey allowed us to shape our offering to meet real clients use cases.

Now, time to check our Open APIs out!