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Open APIs, or Open Application Programming Interfaces, are protocols enabling seamless communication between software systems. Orion Health's Open APIs platform encompasses technology components, documentation, business processes, and commercial models, facilitating internal and external API use for app development. This ecosystem empowers developers to create purchasable apps for Orion platform customers.

FHIR (or Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) is the latest standard developed under HL7 which, as the name suggests, aims to make the exchange of healthcare information easier. Very early on, we, at Orion Health, realised that the technology direction that HL7 was heading in with FHIR was in line with the vision that we had for our products. So, instead of defining yet another proprietary specification, we decided that an existing and well supported standard would provide much more value for us, our customers, and our partners.

FHIR R4 APIs are our preferred APIs for 3rd party integration. Those are the APIs that you would be after. Internally, we have more APIs available. Feel free to reach out if you’d like to learn more about our API offerings.

Orion Health supports encompasses a diverse range of FHIR resources, such as Allergy, DiagnosticReport, Encounter, Observation, and Procedure, among others. While the extent of support for specific resources may vary, Orion Health remains dedicated to advancing its compatibility in the API ecosystem, facilitating seamless interoperability and data exchange across the healthcare landscape.

Yes, FHIR includes security tags for precise privacy control. Orion Health utilizes FHIR's confidentiality and sensitivity tagging, enabling granular privacy evaluation. This allows secure access to sensitive information, aligning with regulatory requirements such as 42 CFR Part 2, while adhering to authentication standards like OAuth2 and OpenId Connect for robust privacy management.

We are constantly adding material to the Knowledge Hub with the goal being to make it as useful as possible for anyone wanting to build using our, or any other standards based, health APIs. The Knowledge Hub should be your go-to for any guidelines, best practices, examples, and tutorials.

Yes, you can use one of our sandbox, a fully featured environment containing demo data and our public APIs. Contact us to discuss how we can set you up with one of our test environments so that you can experiment with the APIs.