Amadeus is the precision medicine platform for Providers and Payers which provides open access to an aggregated patient-centric health record from a number of disparate sources. To find out more about Amadeus, head over to the Products page.

This API documentation covers all the APIs that are available as part of Amadeus. All the APIs are REST based, secured using SSL (https) and OAuth2, and support both JSON and XML responses.

In each API documentation page you will find information about what the API provides, what methods and parameters are supported, and sample requests that can be run against our sandbox to help get you started.

Using Amadeus APIs

When you're ready to try out the APIs:

  1. Log in (or Create an Account if you don't already have one)
  2. Go to the My Apps page and Add a new App
  3. Fill in the App Name and Callback URL fields, and then select Amadeus from the Product drop-down
  4. Select the newly created App to show its details then click on the Get an Access Token link
  5. Log in using the Demo User Username and Password that are shown in the details of your App to generate a temporary OAuth2 access token, you will need this to call the APIs.
  6. Navigate to the Amadeus API that you wish to try and run one of the provided Sample Requests, replacing the <Access Token> placeholder with the access token generated in step 5.

When the access token expires repeat steps 4 and 5 to generate a new one.

Run APIs Using Postman

To save you time and get you calling APIs faster, we recommend using a REST client called Postman.


  1. Click the button below to start Postman and import the Orion Health Amadeus collection.
  2. Generate an access token following the instructions above then update the Orion Health Sandbox environment with that access token.