Working with Enrichment

At Orion Health, we are committed to enhancing healthcare data to empower better decision-making and improve patient outcomes. Working with data enrichment is a crucial aspect of this mission.

Enrichment of resources

When it comes to enrich resources, it often involves normalization and evaluation.

Clinical terms normalization

Clinical terms normalization is the essential process of aligning healthcare-related terminologies and codes into a universal language that can be universally understood across all healthcare systems. To illustrate, when documenting a patient's history of a heart attack, different regions may use local codes like "HA-9165" in patient record summaries. However, these codes are specific to their respective regions. To ensure consistency and interoperability, these local terms are systematically mapped to internationally recognized standard nomenclatures, such as SNOMED-CT and LOINC. As a result, the term "Heart attack" is transformed into "Myocardial infarction-22298006" using SNOMED terminology within the patient's medical record. This standardization not only streamlines data exchange but also enhances the comprehensibility of healthcare information across diverse platforms.

Sensitivity Evaluation

Sensitivity evaluation plays a vital role in the data enrichment process. It involves determining whether clinical terms, after normalization, fall into sensitive categories like mental health, sexual health, or substance abuse. When a term is marked as sensitive, strict privacy measures kick in to limit access. This ensures that only authorized healthcare professionals can see the information, except in emergencies.